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Rigging - SWS Sailing Manual - Shallow Water Sailor.

Now for some rigging details. This is a wooden toggle method of attaching lines - like the halyard and the main sheet - to the yard and the sprit boom. Instead of getting out a needle and sail twine and palm and doing fancy "seizing" of the line to a 3/8" dowel, I'm using small nylon cable ties. Here it. Rigging Manual 1. Nautical Terminology 2. Contents of Packaging 3. Attaching the Mainsheet Blocks 4. Attaching the Sail 5. Rigging the Outhaul 6. Stepping the Mast 7. Mast Tie-in 8. Boom Retainer 9. Assembling the Vang 10. Attaching the Painter 11. Rigging the Sprit Halyard 12. Attaching the Sprit 13. Rigging the Mainsheet Bridle 14. Rigging. “Rigging: the term which embraces all ropes, wires,. Marsh Hen and Dovekie owners would appreciate the fact that the rig developed from experience with the earlier sprit rig. As sail size increased, the gaff was used for the purpose of more easily spreading large areas of canvas. If you’ve jumped ahead and installed the sprit adjuster, be sure sail ties go between it and the mast and don’t wrap around it or any other rigging. All sail tie knots should be pulled very tight to avoid the sail pressure pulling the knot and loosening the distance between spar and sail.

I have a '65 O'Day Sprite, and I've done extensive searching online to try to find proper rigging instructions for the boat. We just started sailing a few years ago, so we're pretty new to it. We've done well with the Sprite it's a blast but I'm just not convinced that the rigging is right. Simple snotter arrangement. This snotter approach might be useful for Polysail Dave's doubled sprit sail as once you establish the sprit and snotter length it need extend only slightly 3ish inches? past the mast minimizing necessary window size. This is a simple way to experiment with sprit placement as it requires no mast hardware. Balance lug and sprit rigs will sail rings around a gaff rig unless the gaff rig has been set up with a modern boom vang. Can Boomless Mainsails be “highly efficient”? First – there are some good reasons to consider boomless sails, but if you want the boat to sail really well in.

25/09/2016 · Re: Rigging a sprit sail on a small pram. We've gone over this fuzzy / vague realm of terminology here before, but I prefer the use of "sprit" to mean a spar that crosses the mast and goes up to the aft top of the sail peak, and "sprit boom" for spars that cross the mast and go out or even down to the aft bottom clew of the sail. Sprit Booms by Chris Wentz Excerpted from "Small Boat Journal" - May, 1984 Basically undesirable things, booms spent some time in the sailing public's eye before that public adopted them for. 06/05/2008 · Hello all. I am brand new to the forum as a member but have lurked here for longer than I will admit. I am in the process of building a Bay Skiff 15 designed by Karl Stambaugh. She has a sprit-boom or leg-o-mutton rig that is supposed to be very simple but I can't seem to figure out the details. The rigging details in the plans are somewhat.

The Super Awsome Leg-O-Mutton Sail Rig. This is my favorite sail, the Leg-o-Mutton Sprit aka: mutton, aka: LOM, and this is the most popular type of sail to use on puddle ducks for many reasons. Simple to construct. You can use the original edge of a polytarp, that already has the grommets in them. The spritsail is a four-sided, fore-and-aft sail that is supported at its highest points by the mast and a diagonally running spar known as the sprit. The foot of the sail can be stretched by a boom or held loose-footed just by its sheets. A spritsail has four corners: the throat, peak, clew, and tack.

SailNet Community - O'Day Sprite.

that drops from the sprit and back down through the cleat. The ten-sion on this line is a crucial sail adjustment. Sail assembly Spread out the sail, making sure there are no sharp objects nearby. Line up the mast and boom with the proper edge of the sail as shown in the parts locator, and attach them to the sail with the sail ties. 22/04/2014 · This vid shows how I rig my 21 foot fractional rig, swing keel trailer sailer, quite easy once you get the hang of it. Takes about 30 minutes to set up.

07/01/2013 · I am drawing a small, sprit rigged doublel ended daysailer. I have questions about rigging the sprit. I have never sailed one as I recall. Is there a throat halyard on the sprit? Is there a peak halyard on the sprit? I assume there has to be. If the sprit. O-day Sprite Sailboat in good shape for its age, no leaks. complete with two sails main and jib rudder, centerboard, mast, and boom. The green trailer in the last pictures is included, but all pictures are of this actual boat. The cables are in good shape,some of the ropes should be replaced. THE FOLLOWING IS QUOTED FROM A O-DAY WEBSITEO`Day. sprit sail rigging details - Google Search. sprit sail rigging details - Google Search. sprit sail rigging details - Google Search. Visit. Discover ideas about Small Boats. sprit sail rigging details - Google Search. Small Boats Canoes Rigs. More information. Saved by. Jason. 3. Similar ideas. 0. Define spritsail. spritsail synonyms,. Nautical Terms a rectangular sail mounted on a sprit in some 19th-century small vessels. 2. Nautical Terms in medieval rigging a square sail mounted on a yard on the bowsprit. sprit•sail ˈsprɪtˌseɪl; Naut.-səl n. a sail extended by a sprit. now build the sails to an improved finishing specification than was found on the original sails. Incredibly we might add, knowing how well and long the original sails have lasted!! In general, the sails are designed to match the mast bend, which for the most part on the O’Day’s was very little. The overall shape is fuller on the smaller.

Define sprit. sprit synonyms, sprit pronunciation, sprit translation, English dictionary definition of sprit. n. Nautical 1. A spar that extends diagonally across a fore-and-aft sail from the lower part of the mast to the. spar - a stout rounded pole of wood or metal used to support rigging. spritsail - a fore-and-aft sail extended by a. Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.2 or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation; with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts.

Since working as a rigger professionally, arguably no one person has made the rigging for more Herreshoff yachts, including the popular15-footers, since the HMCo. ceased production in 1947. Dayle Tognoni Ward first went to sea at age 17, Sailing in Niagara, Pride of Baltimore II, and Spirit of Massachusetts, among others. Sailboat and sailing yacht searchable database with more than 8,000 sailboats from around the world including sailboat photos and drawings. About the SPIRIT 23 sailboat. According to Lees' Masting and Rigging for this period, the length should be 1/2 the length of the fore topmast, that is 90 feet divided by 2 = 45 feet. The sprit topsail yard is in turn 1/2 the length of the sprit sail yard, that is 22.5 feet, not 45 feet as shown on the chart.

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